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Share Your CalidoGuitars Experience on Video and Win!

TL;DR: Send us links to your unboxing, product reviews, and instrument demos you posted to social media about your experience with CalidoGuitars to win a free set of quality strings!

🎸 Got a product from CalidoGuitars with great customer service?  Share it with the world for a chance at some free guitar or uke strings!

To help us celebrate the fantastic team providing excellent CalidoGuitars customer service, we would love to feature videos from real customers.  We are looking for videos of unboxing, reviews, and instrument demonstrations that we can share on social media.

We’re thrilled to see how our instruments inspire your musical journey. Join our exciting community by sharing your videos. It’s not just about showcasing your talent; it’s about being a part of a movement that celebrates the joy of music.

Why Participate?

  • Get Featured: Your video could make its way onto our YouTube channel and social media platforms.
  • Win Free Guitar Strings: Each month, we’ll select standout videos to win a set of premium guitar strings.
  • Boost Your Channel: Get a shout-out! We’ll tag your social media accounts, driving SEO benefits and clicks to your YouTube channel.

What We’re Looking For:

  1. Plug our Service Team: Mention in your video that you received the video from CalidoGuitars, and include a link to our store in the description.
  2. Unboxing Joy: Capture the moment you unbox your shipment from
  3. Strum and Shine: Show us how you bring our instruments to life.
  4. Honest Reviews: Share your thoughts and experiences.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Name Your File: Include YOUR NAME in the video filename for recognition.
  • Size Matters: Keep videos under 1GB.
  • Permission to Share: By submitting, you grant us the right to use your video across our social media (YouTube, Facebook, etc.).
  • Creative Edits: We might tweak your video for clarity, length, or to creatively combine it with others.
  • Be a Customer: You must be a customer of CalidoGuitars and purchased the product in your video from us.

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How To Participate:

Send us links to your unboxing, product reviews, and instrument demos you posted to social media to win a free set of quality strings!  We will reply back requesting a copy of the video to post on our socials, where we will tag you and link to your posts.

Thanks, and look forward to watching your video!

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