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D'Addario - Pro-Arte Classical Guitar Strings - EJ46TT - Made in the USA

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Dynacore - Silver Plated Wrap, Composite Dynacore, Titanium Nylon Trebles - Hard Tension, 1-Pack

  • Classical Nylon Strings
    • Pro-Arte’ Dynacore strings offer a traditional classical string foundation, elevated with modern advancements in production technology, to create a truly unique, contemporary tone
  • Titanium Nylon Trebles
    • Utilizing Dynacore twisted multifilament nylon basses and titanium trebles
    • Pro-Arte’ Dynacore strings provide unparalleled intonation and responsive attack, as well as distinct balance and increased resonance in the top-end
  • Tie Ends - Dynacore sets features tie-ends
  • Dynacore multifilament material, and silver-plated copper wrap wire.
    • D'Addario classical strings are made in the USA—drawn to exacting specifications at the D'Addario New York production facility
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