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Aquila 88U RED SERIES, Ukulele TENOR Low-G Tuning, Key of C - GCEA (unwound)

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  • Great elasticity and accurate intonation past the 12th fret - Pressing the string strongly on the frets does not cause the to became sharper
  • Not necessary to file the nut slot wider to accommodate the strings
  • Set / Tenor Ukulele 4-string g c' e' a' - Low G Tuning
  • Key of CG-string(4th) is tuned 1 octave lower
  • Wound A/E/C made of a mixture of NYLGUT and red copper powder, color reddish-brown
  • Red Series - Nylgut - made elastic first, then red copper powder is added to increase the density to about twice that of standard white Nylgut
  • Slightly rough surface feels great and eliminates the squeak that may occur with nylon strings
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