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In the heart of Brazoria County, a story resonates well beyond the walls of our local newspaper, The Facts. Following a spotlight on our newly constructed warehouse last year, Calido Guitars once again graces the pages of The Facts, this time in their March 2024 issue of Brazos Monthly. It’s not just any story; it’s a narrative that strings together the passion, expertise, and community that defines us.

On pages 18 and 19, the article unveils the soul of Calido Guitars through the eyes of our founder, Daniel Baugh, and our luthier virtuoso, Web Baugh. Daniel’s dedication to matching musicians with their perfect instrument and Web’s meticulous craftsmanship in guitar repair are the melodies that make our business sing. This feature is more than a testament to our services; it’s a symphony of our commitment to enriching the musical journey of players across genres and styles.

We’re honored to share an excerpt that highlights the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation at Calido Guitars. Join us in celebrating this feature and discover the dedication behind every chord we help bring to life:

Owner Daniel Baugh Jr. and the head guitar maker — or lutherier — Web Baugh provide a plethora of options for the stringed instrument enthusiast.

With their extensive knowledge of the guitar industry, unique inventory, and a passion for matching the perfect guitar to an individual’s needs, Calido Guitars provides a curated shopping experience. They are a musical asset for lower Brazoria County, providing top-notch customer service and an array of inventory options.

Calido Guitars specializes in classical guitars suitable for players of all levels — from beginner student guitars to worldclass concert guitars handcrafted by master luthiers.

Their inventory also includes electric guitars, steel string guitars, violins, ukuleles and a variety of musical accessories.

Calido does not have a “big box store” showroom floor, but you can shop its website for their entire inventory or set up an in-store consultation for a hands-on experience. They can meet your budget needs with guitars in a price range of $189 to $12,000.

Their new building on Dixie Drive brought on new possibilities. “Since we moved to our new location, our repair jobs have tripled. It’s quickly becoming a larger aspect of our business … providing guitar repairs for Southern Brazoria County,” Web Baugh said.

So, whether you are shopping for a beginner, performer or just some new supplies, they can provide your string instrument needs.

Huge thanks to The Facts for highlighting the work we do at Calido Guitars!