All guitars are set up for optimum playability in our workshop before shipping.

  • String Ties
  • String ties make changing strings a quick and easy process.
  • The String Ties also enhance the sound by focusing tension and string vibrations on the top edge of the bridge.
  • It Prevents Grooving of the Bridge and Scratching of Guitar Body and Top.
  • Has a Wonderful Visual Presentation
  • Made in Germany from Natural Materials
  • Also available in Pearl Bone White and Amber

Revolutionizing the Way You Change Your Strings. String-Ties a remarkable new guitar accessory. Not only does String-Tie make changing strings easier than ever, it may actually improve the musical tone of a strummed or plucked guitar.

What is STRING TIE? String Tie is made of Galalith (milk stone), a chemical free, natural polymer derived from milk. Each set contains 6 amber-colored, Ebony colored, or Pearl White colored beads, one per string. Follow the 6 easy step instruction diagram on the back and there you go you have changed strings in minimum time and effort, plus, your guitar bridge looks nice and clean.

The main advantage of String Tie is strictly a technical issue: a standard knot creates a certain angle between the bridge and the nut. The String Tie makes a more acute angle and thus focuses the tension on the nut. This results in a sound which is significantly more affected by the guitar’s sound board.

Another case in which String Tie is extremely helpful is when players want to lower the action (i.e. the gap between the strings and the neck). The common way to do it is by lowering the nut. In some cases, this broadens the angle between the knot and the nut which may cause various problems. By using String Tie, an acute angle is maintained.