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Two Sizes:

  • 4 Guitars – SP4
  • 8 Guitars – SP8

Are you looking for a sleek and secure mobile guitar stand for your recording or home studio? The Session-Pro™ Mobile Guitar Rack will give you all that and quick and easy access for 4 or 8 guitars. And whether you have electrics or acoustics, solid or hollow bodies, the Session-Pro™ will support them all.

Need to move your guitars around in the studio? Our heavy-duty casters allow you to do that with ease. In addition, we provide brakes on two of the wheels to lock the rack in position when you want it to stay put. Our uniquely designed cradles keep your instruments ROCK-solid when the rack is on the move. Additional leather neck straps can be used to firmly secure the necks as well if needed while moving the Session-Pro™ down a hallway or onto a ramp. It’s versatility and secure mobility make it ideal for stage use.

What’s more, this is a nitrocellulose-safe guitar stand. All instrument contact points are covered with non-reactive felt and foam cushioning material, similar to bio-inert materials used in medical devices. Why? Because vintage guitars can have a coating of nitrocellulose finish. Many guitar stands on the market use materials that are NOT compatible with this type of finish and can cause deterioration and discoloration over time that can harm your guitar’s finish. Any rubber- or petroleum-based products can react with nitrocellulose. So be very cautious when purchasing stands to make sure you know the materials they use are safe.

The Session-Pro™ will be a sharp looking addition to your studio decor, with birch hardwood rails, black high-pressure laminate sides and silver-tone trim.

The Session-Pro™ Mobile assembles and breaks down easily with just the supplied hex wrench.