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Ukulele Capo - Musedo MC-3 - Black

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Product Details
  • Play like a pro with the professional artist favorite ukulele capo
  • Effortless use - Just clamp it on your ukulele and you're ready for playing
  • Perfect Pressure so your strings will ring loud and clear without buzzing
  • Durable high quality zinc alloy by anodized process
  • Scratch Resistant - High quality silicone pad protects your instrument against damage

The MC-3 is designed for ukuleles. It is a spring operated capo which is lighter and quicker to special use for Ukulele. The finest high quality silica gel fret pad protects your ukulele fingerboard.

The memory spring does not need to be adjusted, can ensure it will not affect any pitch. The capo is easily operated with one hand. It can be easily played and comfortably handled. The ultra light metal and small volume make it very portable.

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