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  • Lightweight but Strong Leather covered Fiberglass Hardshell Classical Guitar Case
  • Thick Crushed Velvet Interior – Scarlet Color
  • Hygrometer built into the case over the headstock
  • Water Resistant Rubber Case Seal
  • Comfortable padded leather handle
  • Fiberglass arch-top exterior. Can hold 400lb pressure.
  • 6 latches and rubber seal ensure the security and waterproofing of the case.
  • Thick padded (0.8″) interior with crushed velvet lining
  • Large accessory compartment (0.55″x0.35″) with lid.
  • Integrated hygrometer
  • Deluxe detachable backpack straps. (Can load 170lb pull)
  • High quality fiberglass exterior, fashionable color, and excellent security. The 6 latch design and thick rubber strip seal ensures the security and waterproofness of the case. Thick padded velvet inside with detachable bottom cushion enables the case to protect and fit most classical guitars.
    The case comes with an interior accessory compartment with lid, integrated hygrometer inside and a comfortable padded handle. Detachable backpack straps included, freeing your hands for transport.
    Inside dimension:
    Overall Length 101.50cm (39.97in)
    Upper Bout 29.00cm (11.42in)
    Lower Bout 38.00cm (14.96in)
    Waist 26.00cm (10.24in)
    Body Length 55.00cm(21.65in)
    Body Depth 16.00cm (6.29in)
    Weight 3.4kg
    Backpack straps

    Detachable interior bottom cushion