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Aquila 85U - Concert Ukulele Strings - Best Value in Upgrading Your Ukulele Strings!

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Product Details
  • Aquila Red Series Concert Ukulele Strings
  • Extremely comfortable player feel
  • Greater volume than standard strings
  • Improved composite material
  • Proprietary design makes the tone brighter and more responsive across the fretboard
  • Composite material absorbs less moisture than other nylon strings to assure tuning stability
  • Each string shares a similar diameter, yet differs in material density providing a uniform feel and enhances intonation
  • Made in Italy
These Red Series strings are great in sound, stable in tuning, and easy to play. The best value in upgrading your Concert Ukulele strings.

AQUILA RED SERIES - Concert 85U - Regular Tuning

The RED SERIES sets: a unique look and a strong, consistent sound. Until now, it was necessary to increase a string’s gauge to reach lower frequencies. But increasing the string’s diameter also increases internal dampening. That makes the string less bright, less responsive and more muffled: The thicker the string, the duller the sound. Our revolutionary new approach —never introduced before us— changes the specific weight of the material, increasing it progressively to leave the gauge unchanged.

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