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New Video! DEMO: Cordoba C12 Solid Cedar Top, Solid Indian Rosewood Back/Sides |

HUGE thanks to Gerardo Perez Capdevila for sending us his review. As our thanks, we sent him a free set of guitar strings from the store. Check out other great guitar videos on...

New Video! DEMO: Cordoba C10 Parlor Spruce, Adelita by F Tarrega |

Today Marc Garvin demonstrates the Cordoba C10 Parlor, Solid Spruce Top Nylon String Classical Guitar with Adelita by F Tarreg. This amazing sounding instrument can be purchased at the Calido Guitar...

New Video! REVIEW: Cordoba C10 Parlor Solid Spruce Top Nylon String Classical Guitar | CalidoGuitars

Marc Garvin takes a look at the Cordoba C10 Parlor with a beautiful Solid Spruce Top. This is a Parlor (⅞) Size Nylon String Classical Guitar. This instrument is available at the Calido Guitars...

New Video! DEMO: Cordoba C10 Parlor with Cedar Top, Adelita by F Tarrega |

Today, Marc Garvin is demonstrating the beautiful Cordoba C10 Parlor by playing Adelita by F Tarrega. This instrument is available at the CalidoGuitar web store:...

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Calido Guitar Sound Woods

Calido Guitars are constructed with the finest sound woods available in modern guitars - both traditional and exotic. These high quality materials along with fine craftsmanship in both...

6 Tips for Choosing a Student Guitar

You have many options when selecting a new Classical Guitar. It can be easy to loose yourself in the array of specifications and options. To make the buying choice easier, wether you're...

How Often Should I Change My Strings?

Many beginner and students over-estimate the lifespan of their strings, or play them until they break. As a guitar is played over time, it can be easy to forget how great your guitar...