How Often Should I Change My Strings?

Many beginner and students over-estimate the lifespan of their strings, or play them until they break. As a guitar is played over time, it can be easy to forget how great your guitar sounds when you have a fresh set of quality strings.

6 Tips for Choosing a Student Guitar

You have many options when selecting a new Classical Guitar. It can be easy to loose yourself in the array of specifications and options. To make the buying choice easier, wether you're buying from Calido Guitars or someone else, we've distilled the most important information down into a basic checklist.

Calido Guitar Sound Woods

Calido Guitars are constructed with the finest sound woods available in modern guitars - both traditional and exotic.

These high quality materials along with fine craftsmanship in both modern and traditional construction offer the most beautiful acoustic sound options available.

The Calido Student Level Classical Guitars

Student Level Classical Guitars are designed for beginning to intermediate level students in both classroom and private lessons. These guitars are modestly priced and most have upgraded strings to optimize the sound quality of the instrument.

The Calido Intermediate Level Classical Guitars

Intermediate Level Classical Guitars are constructed with solid tops and excellent sound woods with high quality construction techniques. These instruments are suitable for intermediate level students or amateur guitarists who desire great sound on a more modest budget.

The Calido Advanced Classical Guitars

Advanced Classical Guitars are handmade by world-class Luthiers using the finest sound woods and both modern and traditional construction techniques. These concert quality instruments are suitable for Professional musicians and advanced university level students.